Corporate Governance

The main objective for Team Tankers International's Corporate Governance is to develop a strong, sustainable and competitive company in the best interest of the employees, shareholders and third parties. The Board of Directors and Management aim for a controlled and profitable development and long-term creation of growth through well-founded governance principles, operational procedures and risk management. 

Team Tankers International has defined Corporate Governance guidelines based on the Norwegian Code of Practice. 

Good corporate governance combined with Team Tankers International's Code of Conduct is a useful tool in helping the Board and Management to ensure that they properly discharge their duty. The international nature of the shipping industry makes for complex organizational and operational constellations, and Team Tankers International is aware of its responsibility as an employer and as an international and multi local industrial player.

Team Tankers International believes that its main contribution to society is to grow a profitable value-creating business, and aims to ensure that its business practices as well as investments are sustainable, and contribute to long term economic, environmental and social development. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement 

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