Team Tankers International Ltd. is a leading chemical tanker company committed to providing safe, reliable and incident free transport services to our worldwide customer base. The Company transports a wide variety of cargoes including organic chemicals, non-organic chemicals, petroleum products, vegetable oils and lube oils. 


Team Tankers International head office is located in Bermuda and the corporate headquarter is located in Westport, Connecticut, USA. 


Team Tankers International transports a wide variety of cargoes such as organic chemicals, non-organic chemicals, clean and dirty petroleum products, vegetable oils and lube oils.

Chemical tanker vessels are mainly used for cost-efficient long-distance bulk transportation of organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, vegetable oils and animal fats. In addition, miscellaneous cargoes such as molasses, lube oils and refined petroleum products, e.g. gasoline and jet fuel, can be transported with chemical tanker vessels.